all the broken chords and unnamed cries

Pink, Violence

“And the first contact, the girl’s bones seem to break with a creak like a cluttered collection of domino stones, the skin broke up a pale sweat, her eyes filled with tears and her entire body exhaled a lugubrious lament and a vague smell of mud. He felt then taken by air. Reaching a state of almost prophetic inspiration, where the heart  collapsed in a storm of tender obscenities that entered the girl’s ear and out the mouth of it translated into deeds.”

“What does it mean that I am in this endless universe, thinking that I’m a man sitting under the stars on the terrace of the earth, but actually empty and awake throughout the emptiness and awakedness of everything? It means that I’m empty and awake, that I know I’m empty and awake, and that there’s no difference between me and anything else.” — Jack Kerouac

Pink, Quotes